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After a decade of tremendously successful launch of bio-toilets, a technology developed by DRDO, and licensed to Banka BioLoo Limited, we are once again at it. This time, we are taking on Single-use plastics.

DRDO scientists have developed next-generation biopolymers as an alternative to single-use polyethylene bags. It uses bio-based starch and food-grade additives to minimize further damage to the environment. 


Banka Bio is a licensed technology partner of DRDO to manufacture this pellets, branded as Compostica, at a commercial scale to fulfill India's Carbon Footprint Reduction goals. 

Our Long Standing Partnership with DRDO

Creating Tomorrow's
Sustainability Solutions

100% Compostable  

Environment Friendly

Next-Gen BioPolymer

Easily Recyclable

Marine-Life Friendly

Climate Protector

Waste Reducer

Low Carbon Footprint

For Better Future

Why You Should Upgrade to

Compostica BioPolymers

Bags Are The Future

Compostica is bio-based novel biopolymers with 100% compostability. When exposed to certain environmental conditions, such as high humidity or the presence of certain microorganisms, it will become compost in few months. This makes our biopolymer an attractive alternative to conventional plast, which can take hundreds of years to break down in the environment.


Runs In Our DNA.

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