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Fundamental Characteristics  



Acidic Value

Melt Flow Rate  (190'C, 2.16 kg)

Melting Range

Vitrification Temperature

Thermal Decomposition Temperature

Vicat Softening Point/ A50 


1.24±0.02 g/cm3

50±5 D

3.5±0.5 mol/t

≤5 g/10min

95 - 135 'C

-30 'C

370 'C

90 'C

ISO 306

ISO 306

ISO 2114

ISO 1133

ASTM - D3418

ASTM - D 3418

ASTM - D6371

ISO 306


Test Method

Compostica BioPolymer Is Unique And Better

Our team of experts have modified the composition of the biopolymers to enhance properties such as tensile strength, elongation at break, impact resistance, and UV stability. This customization not only ensures that the final product performs as intended, but also helps reduce waste and optimize production efficiency. We understand that every product and application is different, which is why we work closely with our clients to develop tailored solutions that meet their specific needs. 

Meet the Best 

BioPolymers in Market

We are taking compostability a notch further by creating our unique formulae of bio-based novel polymers — only at Compostica.

Lasting Impact

Achieve your sustainability milestones with us. 

Go Carbon Neutral with Compostica.

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Grade I
Grade II
Grade III

We Have Three Different Grading of BioPolymer

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